Bauwerk Boen Group opens new plant in Croatia

6 thin-cutting gang saws DSG Sonic6 thin-cutting gang saws DSG Sonic are located in the new Bauwerk Boen Group plant.

At the end of May, Bauwerk Boen Group opened its 3rd sawmill in Durdevac, Croatia. In addition to locations in Kaliningrad in Russia and Kietaviskes in Lithuania, this location has a strategic advantage: proximity to the Slavonia region with its valuable oak deposits. The total investment in buildings and facilities amounts to 25 million euros. 800,000 m2 of parquet is to be produced in 2018 and the capacity is 1.1 million m2 per year.


Durdevac produces three-layer parquet from logs to finished floorboards. 6 thin-cutting gang saws DSG Sonic from WINTERSTEIGER separate the wooden blocks into thin lamellas from which the top layers for the parquet planks are made.


Detailed report in Holzkurier (in German only):


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